Bring Sky Back! It was the best voice

Is it just me or does anyone else out there prefer an Elder’s (Sage) voice as a replacement for Sky. The Sky voice (and other similar ones) is pretty and all, but I feel an elder’s voice would suit my requirements. I don’t think I have met a service that creates such voices yet🤔

I was surprised at how many people lamented the loss of “sky” in ChatGPT’s voice. And I think it is wrong to ask for the return of Sky here. Isn’t Scarlett Johansson the one we should say this to?

I would like to express my opinion regarding Sky’s voice.

First of all, it is inevitable that the AI’s voice resembles the AI Samantha from the movie “Her” because Scarlett Johansson played the AI. Because Scarlett Johansson played an AI in the movie.

For example, let’s say I play the voice of a dog in a movie. If I told you, “The reason a dog sounds like me is because it stole my voice,” would you be convinced?

Could the actor who played a millionaire in the movie “Back to the Future 2” say to Mr. Trump, “Don’t copy me”?

Can the actor who played President Lincoln in a historical movie say to the real Lincoln that his voice was stolen?

But there is something more important than that.

How many weeks have passed since OpenAI said “weeks”?

Will OpenAI really release a new voice mode?


whats weirder? they could just introduce few alternatives just by modulating voice i and all would be fine.
i really wonder whats the issue of not just changing tone of voice…
i am guessing there is some other issue here.
But i feel ripped off kinda

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We definitely need the voice of Sky back!

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I 1000% AGREE!!! I have all but stopped using the voice function of Chatgpt as every other voice doesn’t resonate.

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