Boost Multitasking with Tabs and Conversation Transfers!

Hi OpenAI Team and Community,

Do you ever find it difficult to manage multiple conversations at once or wish you could move parts of a chat to another thread? Here are a couple of ideas that could really enhance our ability to multitask and manage conversations in ChatGPT:

  1. Tabbed Conversation View: Ever wanted to reference multiple conversations side-by-side without losing track? A tabbed conversation view would make multitasking and comparing different chats so much more efficient.

  2. Transfer Responses to New or Existing Conversation: Have you ever wished you could move a response to a different conversation thread to keep things organized? Being able to transfer responses between conversations would help keep discussions focused and easier to manage.

These features would greatly improve our ability to manage multiple chats and keep everything organized. Would these changes help anyone else out there?