Blog Outline Idea Generator

Hey Everyone,
I am working on a Blog outline generator tool. I have fine tunned an ADA model and below are the screenshots of the training file with prompts & completions data, and its results on the playground. Although ada is performing pretty well I do need to improve a bit more and get better results. Please do help and tell me as too what should I do to improve as to get better results.

I have included about 100 prompts and completions in my training file. Do guide if I need to add more to the file…

You probably need something a bit more sophisticated than ADA. I would try at least BABBAGE or CURIE.

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Hey @daveshapautomator, thanks for the reply. I will try it on DaVinci and share the results here. Meanwhile, could you suggest any other key data points I should add to the prompts to help generate better blog outline generations?

You’ll have to define what you mean by better results. What’s it not doing that you want it to do?

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