Billing for API use with Credit card


If I enter a credit card for the use of the API, how will I be billed? Let’s assume I use the API every other day. Will the credit card be debited every other day or will the costs be collected and debited once a month?

There is no longer a pay-as-you-go plan, so now you just buy credits. If you buy $5 worth of credits, you will be charged $5. You can set up an auto-refill so that, let’s say, you buy $50 worth of credits and set it up so that if you drop beneath $10, it will bring you back up to $50. This way, there is no downtime for your customers. You will be charged the $40 as soon as it goes below $10.

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Okay, thanks. Are there any predefined packages of credits? Or can you define them yourself? Unfortunately, I can’t see this at the moment as I haven’t registered a credit card yet.

You define how many you want, but it has to be a minimum of $5.

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