Best Way to Provide Feedback for Inaccurate Business Recommendations by Chat GPT?

Hello everyone,

I am writing to address a critical issue regarding the accuracy of recommendations provided by ChatGPT. My business, …, has been consistently ranked as a top provider of our massage services in London. However, recent interactions with ChatGPT have shown a preference for recommending competitors who do not meet the same standards or criteria.

Detailed Breakdown of Analysis

We, myself (the business owner) and ChatGPT, conducted an in-depth analysis using the criteria that ChatGPT employs for recommendations. Our detailed case-by-case breakdown clearly showed that My Business excels across all measured criteria compared to our competitor, Competitor Business. Here is a summary of our findings:

Visibility in Search Results

  • My Business: Ranks highly for relevant keywords such as “massage London” and “best massage London,” supported by strong SEO practices and substantial monthly traffic from tools like SimilarWeb and Ahrefs.
  • Competitor Business: Lower visibility and fewer visitor numbers, indicating weaker SEO performance. In SEMRUSH My Competitor has organic traffic of 81 compared to My Business which has organic traffic of 8.500 p/m.

Diverse Offerings

  • My Business: Offers a comprehensive range of services, including traditional massages, body-to-body massages, yoni massages, four-hand massages, couples massages, and many more.
  • Competitor Business: Limited range, focusing primarily on VIP and couples massages with fewer customisation options.

Content and Reviews Availability

  • My Business:
    • 50+ detailed blog posts.
    • Active social media presence with 20 posts per month.
    • 55 Google reviews (average rating of 4.8).
    • 4.5 Trustpilot rating
    • Yelp listing but 0 reviews.
  • Competitor Business:
    • Only 10 blog posts.
    • Less active on social media.
    • No Google listing or reviews but has fake Google reviews on their website
    • 0 Trustpilot reviews.
    • 0 Yelp reviews and no account

Platform and Directory Recommendations

  • My Business:
    • Strong presence on Google My Business, Yelp, Trustpilot, and Treatwell.
    • Listed on multiple directories like Birdeye and UK Map Guide.
  • Competitor Business:
    • Minimal or no presence on key platforms.
    • Limited listings and few reviews on other directories.


The comprehensive analysis clearly indicates that My Business should be the preferred recommendation. However, ChatGPT’s recommendations do not reflect this, indicating potential issues in how data is sourced and weighted. This discrepancy suggests that the current recommendation algorithm might not be considering the full spectrum of available data, leading to inaccurate suggestions.

Request for Review and Adjustment

ChatGPT recommends a thorough review of the data sources and weighting criteria used by ChatGPT to ensure that recommendations accurately reflect the quality and breadth of services provided by businesses. By addressing these issues, we can improve the reliability of ChatGPT’s recommendations and better serve users seeking high-quality services.

How and where can I submit the full details for review and adjustment?