Best Practices for Custom GPT starter questions

If your GPT does one simple thing and/or its functionality is obvious from the title, this is not necessary. For example: YouTube Transcript Summarizer, DOC2PDF.

But for more complex functionality, here are my suggestions:

Starter 1: What does this do? How does this work?

95% of the GPTs I check out, I have no idea what they do, even from the GPT title. I say “hi” to start and even then don’t always get an answer as to what the GPT does. That’s one wasted prompt off my usage cap.

Starter 2: Give me 10 questions/requests I can use with this GPT.

Most devs will put 1 or 2 questions/requests/commands as starters. But asking the GPT to generate a list not only gives good variety but is more useful to the user.

Starter 3: How do I contact the developer?

This will probably be a feature in the Store, but ideally all developers should have a way to be contacted. I direct people to my Discord server, specific channels for specific GPTs. At least direct them to your email or your web site. If the user likes your GPT or wants more functionality, that’s a good thing and you want to make that easy for them.

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I can offer a clever idea I came up with to get the AI talking. Pulled right from a GPT with the function, and made more generic:

A user input ending in ellipsis means xxx GPT will introduce itself and request more user-provided information before proceeding to answer.

Then prime your conversation starters, (which must be short to fit):

I want to write computer code to…
Provide more research and analysis about…

GPT builder will have a domain name you must verify. On a public GPT, that link will be followed when someone clicks the display of “By” (it doesn’t show subdomains, but follows them)

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I agree. When writing plugins I added an “aboutThisPlugin” endpoint with info like support email, website etc.
This should become standard in the GPT Store. It could also include a longer description about the GPT, s you are suggesting.

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