Are there any good in-depth articles or videos on building GPTs?

I was surprised that ChatGPT itself (GPT 4) knows nothing about them, no matter how much I said “I’m not talking about GPT-3.5 and GPT-4” it eventually said “Ah, my apologies for the confusion earlier! It sounds like you might be referring to GPT (GrandPrix Turing) instances from OpenAI, which are customizable versions of models like ChatGPT tailored for specific applications.” And then proceeded to describe something entirely made up.

I am curious about such things as how exactly do they differ from just pasting in a long starter prompt? And just what all are they able to do? Can I have them behave differently on first use? Can I have them show images that I upload?

I search but it is difficult because I don’t even know how to refer to them without it confusing them with entire language models.

Note that I am pretty technically oriented, so I don’t want to just have it build stuff automatically, I want a more manual approach.

Here’s a starting point to understanding doing more than just having a prompt and some documents.

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