Balance – challenge anxious thoughts using GPT-4 (free)

Hey everyone. I’ve been living with generalized anxiety and OCD for over a decade, and I often find myself in a cycle of constant overthinking.

Balance is a web app I created that uses GPT-4 to attempt to tackle acute anxiety. You tell it what’s bothering you, and Balance crafts three unique interpretations of your situation.

It’s by no means intended to supersede professional assistance, and if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or in an emergency, seeking professional help is vital.

I designed Balance with the aspiration to bring a little respite and fresh perspective for anyone grappling with acute anxiety situations.

I released it as a completely free app (I currently have some free OpenAI credits that are paying for the AI side of it — thanks, OpenAI!) with the hopes that it can help others like it’s helped me.

There are details on safety and privacy under “More info” on the website.


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First, you’ve done a very nice job on this.

I really appreciate the attention, detail, and transparency you’ve provided about data and privacy as well as your very clear disclaimers.

That said, you’ll want to be incredibly careful here.

It often doesn’t matter how you describe or disclaim your services but rather how they are being used which defines them.

If users do start using your app as a substitute for real therapy under the direction of a qualified medical professional, you could find yourself on the wrong side of things from a legal perspective.

So, I’d suggest making the disclaimers even more clear and taking great pains to ensure your service doesn’t cross the line so to speak.

Great, you made GPT4 a good tool. But being a “Balance4” you should think carefully.*

Your web app is surprisingly good! The wait time was a little long and I thought about abandoning, but the results were worth the wait. Maybe consider starting out with a typical question with results already displayed as an example? Then people can just input their own query and already understand the value prop before they try it. Very nice privacy language with the “can I save this?” UI too. Bravo.