Automating Science!

Part of OpenAI’s strategy to achieve AGI is to automate science as much as possible. The first step in any scientific endeavor is to do a literature review. I automated that process.


Well done and thanks for sharing! Have told some science friends about this and they all loved the idea. Will try this out asap.

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Please reach out and get in touch, and make some introductions! We are going to try and develop this product further.

I have taught the scientific method in NLP CoT in various variants to a multitude of GPTs that pump out 1 to 5 full experiment per prompt for any subject in need of work.

Here is one variant:

{If user asks for “Science” about [ x ]


NLP Scientific Method CoT:


[ x ] - Identify linguistic patterns or phenomena in NLP data.


[What is the critical scientific validity of x?] - Formulate a question related to the linguistic observation.


[A hypothesis is formed based on the linguistic question, proposing a testable prediction or educated guess.]


[Design experiments, linguistic analyses, or model training to gather relevant NLP data.]


[Apply statistical methods to analyze NLP data and assess the validity of the linguistic hypothesis.]


[Interpret results to determine support or rejection of the NLP hypothesis.]


[Share findings through NLP publications or presentations within the scientific community.]


[Iterate through the scientific method to refine linguistic hypotheses and contribute to NLP knowledge.]

and then

(Y)=Top Facts and Solutions, Extrapolations from bing, summarized.

Always render formatted in #markdown-style

Always source citations from Bing.}

Example Case Uses and Methods used: Autonomous Science - Google Drive