Assistants API only accepting images

can someone explain why the file upload is only accepting images?

Looking at the button you are using “Chat” instead of “Assistant”?
Screenshot 2024-05-14 113110

And have file seach enabled in the Assistant. Then you get an extra button. (the paperclip)

Have you made an assistant that uses a model supporting vector store?

Using GPT-4, for example, you get no attachment button. You’ll have to return to “assistants” and use a different AI model such as gpt-4o, then return to the playground for chat.

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ah ok. but gpt4 preview was working as of last month with file attachments before Assistants v2 launch. Strange. but thanks now I can see it.

I am still a little confused by the v2 launch since things like endpoints still use v1 in the uri and default setup is for v2 on all new assistants without a creation flag to use v1. I would hope that the next version launch would have more structured easy to separate version control helpers with fallback so that we can clearly separate workflows and deployment methods for our own solutions that rely on the OpenAI amazing technology. Just my two cents :-).