"Assistants API" in Azure

Looking to determine whether the new Assistants API is available via Azure OpenAI, and if not, expected timeframe for it becoming available. Cheers!


Also hoping for an official answer. Previous models took ~ 1 week to be available.


Also hoping for an answer on this. Any official timeframe?


@bsommerhalder @Christiaan1 @rick8 Did you guys find a work around?

Nope – just running it via our OAI API for now.

Any updates on this? I have an enterprise Azure account but only a personal OpenAI account and I’m burning through the tokens :wink:

Azure does infact have some support for openAI they have an SDK for C#
I did ask in the github issues if the could include the assistants api but they haven’t done anything on this yet,
I presume its because the assistants api is in beta mode
Heres a link to the github [FEATURE REQ] Include OpenAI Assistant api and beta endpoints · Issue #40347 · Azure/azure-sdk-for-net · GitHub

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I checked the code in AssistantKernal and it’s just a wrapper OpenAI using an their Keys and doesn’t call Azure:

private async Task GetThreadAsync(string threadId)
string url = “https://api.openai.com/v1/threads/”+threadId;
using var httpRequestMessage = HttpRequest.CreateGetRequest(url);
httpRequestMessage.Headers.Add(“Authorization”, $“Bearer {this.apiKey}”);
httpRequestMessage.Headers.Add(“OpenAI-Beta”, “assistants=v1”);

Any news about this after a month?
Thanks in advance.


Assistants API released by Azure now: