Assistants API, I don't understand what has happened

I have a Unity app whereby I can talk to an NPC, the NPC is using Assistants API for making conversation with me. I prefer this API as it has a better recall of facts. Even so, I am opting to create a new thread each time my app starts, rather than continuing on the same thread, for reasons of performance and cost. At the start of each new execution of my app, I feed the Assistant a brief summary.txt of our previous conversations so it has a long term memory. I realise just continuing the thread would do this but as I said, I create a new thread and make runs on that.

Something just happened I don’t understand. I deleted my summary.txt that I usually feed the NPC so it starts with no previous knowledge of me (remember, I’m creating a new Assistant and a new thread every time my app is executed). But the NPC just asked me a question relating to a previous conversation! When I asked it when did it learn this about me (I have added date/times to the summary of facts it learns), it replied 25th November 2023!

I have checked my apps files (the summary.txt etc), there’s nothing in there. So how did it know this?

You probably hit an edge case or it is bugged. Did you try creating a new agent from scratch and did you get the same results?

Everytime my app runs a new agent and thread is created. The instruction is the same, but it’s still new. Interestingly it can’t recall other facts I had previously told it, just this 1 fact (that I own a Ducati motorbike :smiley: ). Yeh must be a bug or something. Just surprised me. I might start continuing on the same thread id anyway now instead.

oh, so it might just be that uploading and updating documents might take a few minutes to happen. I think that on playground you can see the uploaded files. First time I uploaded a file it took several minutes. Maybe that’s the issue? You remove it, but since it was update 5 minutes ago you start getting the results of what the file look like 5 minutes earlier? idk, but good luck!

Thanks but it wasn’t that because I am not uploading any documents, my app parses data from a text file, the data is then fed into the Assistants prompt. My text file was definitely empty as it knew no previous facts apart from 1. Quite strange :slight_smile: I think it’s just a bug or something.