Assistant response becomes stale after similar repeated runs

I’m using the Assistants/Threads Beta API to manage context around individual topics, similar to this forum and the use of tags. Every time a user posts a new message, the thread for that “tag” gets updated.

The goal is for users to be able to run prompts against this running context, which so far has worked as intended. But I started to notice that if the user queries the thread frequently without additional posts being added in between, the assistant returns a canned response along the lines of:

While I wait for the relevant files to be uploaded, is there anything specific you would like me to focus on…

I think the main reason for this is the thread gets clogged with the assistant messages that don’t provide context, and obfuscate the actual post messages from users. I know that right now there is no way to delete messages from threads, but is there any other strategy that would allow me to not even append the assistant messages after a run in the first place? Or some other approach I’m not thinking of?

Hi Karch Im facing the same thing. The assistant becomes monotonous after some time. Guessing the chat history is skewing the assistant’s tone of voice. Would love to hear how others addressed this issue.