Assistant rapidly draining funds and won't stop

I tried assistant playground for the first time and found it rapidly drains funds and I can’t make it stop! I uploaded a file and asked a question about what was in the file. It’s hung. Won’t cancel. And won’t stop charging my account. The charges go higher every time I refresh the Usage page in my account but I’m not sending any requests. This thing definitely needs to go back to the development team before they release it.

What do I do??

It soon stopped but what I learned is that asking a simple question to an assistant has no bounded cost structure and you pay for the usage even if it can’t answer your question. I uploaded a 705k text file with 82,000 lines of text and proceeded to ask it questions about what was in the file. The first question was answered fairly quickly but the answer indicated it was having technical errors and could not fully answer. The second question created the run-away costs and never returned with a reply.

So what do GPTs cost to use? A single user query can apparently vary from a fraction of a penny to dollars.