Assistant can't read multiple files well

Assistant gets mixed up in two files, doesn’t know where to get the information, even if you write down the details. Perhaps because the content of the files is a little similar (one - real estate catalog, the second - a table with detailed data on real estate). Tried to specify ID files in the promt, write a description of the files inside the files themselves, such as: “This file contains information about…”, but nothing helps, the bot still does not navigate them. Tried to download in different formats: txt, json, pdf, did not notice any differences. I would like to hear your suggestions on how to solve this problem. Thank you

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Could you share what you’re trying to get the assistant to do and search for in these files? Some Thread IDs might help too.

Since there was a secondary property in one file and a primary property in another, I tried to clarify in the messages and in the prompt these aspects, but the assistant did not follow the clarifications. Most likely, it is very confused by the data structure in the files, in both information about real estate - their prices, areas, square, but one - is a catalog, and the second - is a Google table in json format. By the way, it often gives fictional data but in the right structure