Assistant API with "retrieval" tool storage pricing

Hello everyone,
I’m wondering how storage pricing for the Files used by the Assistant retrieval tool is handled. Is there no billing at all for storage currently? And if so, is there a commitment from OpenAI in the future? I am currently handling retrieval myself and I need to have a clear projection of the costs before considering whether to switch to the retrieval tool.

According to a pricing page it should be sth like this:

$0.20 / GB / assistant / day

I could have sworn I had looked the pricing page up and down. Thank you Adrianz.

I’m still confused. The pricing page literally only says

“Retrieval: $0.20 / GB / assistant / day”.

No mention about storage or anything.

I think it’s a decent assumption that this is billed for the storage of each document for each day (and assistant? The documents are per assistant?), but I do think the pricing page could be clarified; something like “storage of documents for retrieval”, and to say that retrieval itself is free (or included in the completion cost).

So I assume this means that using the retrieval is included in GPT token price, but we pay for storage of the documents?


Does anyone know the precision of the billing? Do they round up to the nearest gigabyte?

I understand that retrieval is priced at $0.20/GB/assistant/day. Meaning that the cost is according to the volume of documents you have stored every day and the number of assistants that are accessing these documents. My question is, where can storage cost be followed?