Assistant API takes long to respond

Hello, I’ve been working on a chatbot using the assistant API and since late last month, it’s been taking around 10 mins (660334ms) to respond. Sometimes it will respond as usual to the first message in a thread but it constantly takes 660334ms (more or less) to respond to follow-up messages.

Check that your API settings are correct!

Everything is properly configured. It’s been working good up until the last week of February and I haven’t changed anything. Sometimes it works properly, other times it doesn’t.

Oh that is odd maybe wait for it to work itself out?

it is something on your end for sure, or you would see a lot of people here.
without knowing the specifics of your function call we can’t diagnose what the issue would be.

other issues could be network related between your endpoint and openai. not sure if there is away to to a trace route.

another important question is how much data you pushing through? if you are reaching full context on a 128k model depending on instructions it can take abit to respond if you have complex task. but 10 minutes still sounds too long

I’m using the gpt-4-1106-preview, the assistant works fine in the playground. However, when I make a call to the API in Javascript using the Organization Key, Assistant Key, and the API key, with a simple prompt like “Hello” it responds properly but a response to a second prompt takes a max of 10 minutes, minimum 6 minutes. This is with all the default settings I’ve been using since January when it was working perfectly. For some strange reason, it works fine during evening and night hours.

Yeah, the thing is the chatbot is for my capstone project for my computer science degree and today beta testing is supposed to start.

sounds like network issue.

these are other things it could be :

  1. API Rate Limits and Quota: Ensure you’re not hitting any API rate limits or quota restrictions that may throttle your requests. OpenAI imposes rate limits based on your subscription plan. Exceeding these limits could lead to delayed responses.
  2. Network Latency: Check if network latency or connectivity issues could be contributing to the delay. This can vary throughout the day, which might explain why you experience faster responses during evening and night hours. Use network diagnostics tools to test your connection to OpenAI’s servers.
  3. API Request Configuration: Review your API request configuration for any inefficiencies or errors that might cause delays. Ensure that your requests are well-formed and that you’re not sending unnecessarily large amounts of data.
  4. Server Load: It’s possible that OpenAI’s servers experience varying load levels throughout the day, which could affect response times. Although this is outside your control, understanding peak usage times may help you plan your requests better.
  5. Asynchronous Handling in Your Application: Ensure your application handles API responses asynchronously to avoid blocking other operations while waiting for a response. This doesn’t reduce the API response time but can improve your application’s overall responsiveness.
  6. Contact OpenAI Support: If the issue persists despite your troubleshooting efforts, consider reaching out to OpenAI support. Provide them with detailed information about your problem, including the times of day when delays occur, the model you’re using, and examples of the delays you’re experiencing. OpenAI’s support team can offer insights or solutions specific to their infrastructure and your use case.
  7. Optimize Your Use Case: If certain prompts consistently result in slower responses, experiment with simplifying or changing your prompts. It’s possible that the nature or complexity of certain prompts contributes to processing delays.
  8. Monitoring and Logging: Implement comprehensive monitoring and logging for your API requests and responses. This can help you identify patterns in the delays and provide valuable data when seeking support from OpenAI.

Thank you very much for the detailed response. For about an hour now it’s been operating properly, so it seems like an OpenAI server issue.

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I’m facing response delay for the second message.
message = client.beta.threads.messages.create(
content=PROMPT + user_input,
here, I got the response within seconds for first message and all others. but for the second message this part alone took 120 seconds. I’m facing this issue constantly

2nd response if using same thread will have all the previous information as well new question and response so alot more data for ai to reprocess to it will always take longer. As well as the data sizes increase the speed gets slower until you reach cap than its the game of snake where the tail is as far back as it remembers but it keeps moving forward so it forgets stuff over time as it can only recall so far back.