Assistant API calling remote endpoints?

Hello there,
I have a simple question, can i call remote APIs from the assistants API??
or is that possible only through GPTs ?? Cause that would suck big time…
Thanks for the response

I doubt it’s possible and reliable. Would use my own logic for calling the external API and inserting the result as a file or to the user message. Files are very error-prone currently and not reliable.

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Thanks for the response,
so i could still call the function where the assistant would prep what to send but i would be manually calling the endpoints with the body that the assistants preps…
That sounds doable…

Btw where is the json format on/off button ? Or was that only on the DevDay they showed it there if i remember correctly.

You create an assistant, including your instructions.
You create a thread with your input (response form external api)
Then you have a second user message with your prompt where you give the instructions. If your instructions on the assistant are the same then you can skip that part

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How do you understand the functions?
I am not getting the part where i have to call the [
Submit tool outputs to run endpoint each time the assistant wants to use any function based on teh user prompt;