Assistant API, failing runs when there are file IDs included

I am working on an assistant, and it just suddenly stopped working when there are files included in thread.

At first I thought it’s something I miscoded or some updates occured, but then I went to playground tried the same, and it’s giving failed runs from the time file is sent to thread.

In logs response I recieve it’s the server error

last_error=LastError(code=‘server_error’, message=‘Sorry, something went wrong.’)

Without any further details, so I suppose its a bug and looking forward for solution and help if it’s something on my end that I have not realized.


Did this start happening just now? I’ve been having issues with Assistants and anything file related for at least the past 4 hours.

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I have this issue for 2 hours now, so looks like a recent issue

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I am having a similar issue where assistant run remains queued for the past few hours. :frowning:

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Have same issue, run fails when image is attached, even in openai assistant UI


Have the same issue using Assistants UI. Any prompt that involved attaching an image file will cause the thread to fail and any additional prompts to that same thread will fail as well. Only response in logs is:
“Sorry, something went wrong.”
This has been happening for at least 4 hours.

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Note the problem is only when using GPT-4o and GPT-4-turbo. gpt-3.5-turbo is working fine.

Same issue happening here, gpt4o all of a suddent stopped taking images