Can Assistants (or GPTs) create PDFs or files?

So I was wondering, if I can train an assistant (or a GPT) and give some files as a knowledge base, can I enable him to create PDF files.


GPTs can for certain, I had one follow a list of questions and output a PDF with the answers. As for the level of consistency, I cannot say.
High confidence assistants could do the same with code interpreter.

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You can write a custom function that does this and give your assistant access to it. I have not tried it with GPT’s.

I don’t know if I formulated my question correctly, I want the assisant that i am buildung to create the pdfs. So for example, i say him fill this this this in a form as a pdf. And then it creates a pdf.

I assume you want the PDF in a specific format. It sounds like you want it to fill in an existing document with text and save as a pdf? I’m not aware of them having this ability, I’ll test it myself though.

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I was unable to get it to properly populate the pdf file, but the right prompt with code interpreter might be able to do it. It would just need to run python code to add text in the right location.

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Again if you can do this in a python function (and you will definitely be able to), you’re assistant will be able to call this function to fill out the pdf, This is not functionality that will be available out of the box.


Yes, and when you send the request to the model pass in the code that you need executed by the Code Interpreter. This way you have more control over the output.

But what @andreboom is saying is also correct and you may be able to save time and money using that approach.

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Thanks Andre, this sounds good! I will try this out.

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@arturyeganyan42 Have you tried this out or did you come to a conclusion yet? I have a similar use-case where I have Docx files that serve as ‘templates’ and I need Assistants to fill in the documents/tables according to some files that the user will upload with their message. I gave it a try in the assistants playground but couldn’t get it to work. Maybe using custom functions or python code works? Would love to hear your thoughts / experience!

Hi @arturyeganyan42 did you manage to get it working?
I am building an application and document generation is going to be important. Mind letting us know?