Are there plans in the works to unify Bing, Dalle, and GPT4’s abilities?

I recently saw the ability on the app to open different types of chats with GPT 4, why do we need go choose? Are there any plans to unify the bing, GPT, and Dalle chat options into a singular experience that can cross reference itself and generate with full adaptability? It would be extremely nice and I’m sure people would be willing to pay more for it! Especially if you could talk to GPT to help you develop images in dalle while also being able to reference and be inspired by live online content. It would make my creative process immensely. Plus could we give GPT capabilities to access webpages and log into services we own to help us with site services? Like for example, in a tabletop rpg online site, it could read it and understand what you’re trying to do and help you even more.
Another part is having partitioned boards with GPT where a board is a mega conversation you can revisit and it will have a memory for the information you feed it through the board topic and you can have multiple conversations where you can drag info into the topic section of the board. So it can be like a type of rules for the chat. This makes near no sense because I use gpt to help me organize my thoughts, but yeah, hopefully we can see major developments! GPT has so much potential and I’d happily pay double or triple per month if I could have a full on capable assistant to help me with my creative endeavors! (Especially a relaxed content moderation type. The fact that a majority of adult content is hardlocked hurts my abilities to generate a realistic campaign and I don’t want to get banned for trying. If there was a method to have an unlocked version of GPT with only the bare minimum legally required content moderations enabled, i would buy that product in a heart beat.)
So please consider expanding the services and unifying them! Please!
So much potential waiting to be explored!

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I’d expect that to become an option for ChatGPT users in time, it is already something that can be done via the API, or at least it will be fairly soon. Allowing everything to interact all in one go has a lot of edge cases to be tested for and potential issues that are best worked out separately first.