Applied for Codex with an idea my clients want, no access yet 🙁

Hey guys,

I applied for Codex access and haven’t heard any news yet :frowning:

My idea is to generate Data Analysis, Visualization and Machine Learning code from text and avoid pandas, matplotlib, and sklearn boilerplate code.

Essentially answer questions like “How will sales look like next month, based on the past year’s data?”

I floated my idea to the clients (PMs and ML teams) I consult with and they seem quite interested. A few have pinged me if I’ve started working on some kind of a MVP.

I know it’s a very long shot, but was wondering if there is a way to hopefully get it quicker?
(Would be great if someone from the team could have a look at my application and hopefully expedite the process!)


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Welcome Sudu!

Yes, happy to review your application. Could you elaborate on which client credentials you have, how you’re thinking of approaching the problem, and what your GPT-3 experience is? Feel free to DM the answers if you prefer.


Hey Boris!

Thanks! This community looks great :slight_smile:

Sure, DMing you.

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