APITimeoutError: DALL-E-2 in openai 1.30.5 API version


I am trying to use DALL-E-2 model to edit the available image using client.edit(image, prompt,n,…).

openai version = 1.30.5,
api-version = “2023-06-01-preview”
resource region = east US.

I tried the same example here migration from openai 0.28 to 1.30.5
I tried both DALLE-Fix and DALLE-Fix async.

I also change the timeout value as below:
image = await client.images.generate(prompt=“a cute baby seal”,

It gives me error:
raise APITimeoutError(request=request) from err
openai.APITimeoutError: Request timed out

any help to solve this error would be appreciated.

Got the same error while using dall-e-2 to edit image. Is there anyway we can get more information from openai server?