API Key workaround: just make it a parameter

In case this helps anyone else:

I was creating an Action to call the YouTube Data API, which expects an API key as a query parameter named “key”. No matter what I tried in the Authentication dialog and/or components securitySchemes in the OpenAPI spec, it never worked.

Finally, I gave up trying to “do it right” and just went ahead and added the key as a parameter, like this:

        - name: key
          in: query
          description: API key
          required: true
            type: string
            enum: [YOUR_API_KEY]

Now, I don’t think I should have to do a workaround like this, but it works while the implementation of the Action is seemingly buggy, so I’ll live with it. Would be nice to get it fixed though.

This seems to expose the key to the user during the permissions request, have you been able to work around that?