Api is not responding the emojis properly!

I’m using the OpenAI’s movie to emoji API in Flutter, It is working but not showing the proper emojis.

This is the response of the API in the android studio of prompt: “Star wars”

And this is the response of the API on OpenAI’s website

Can anyone help me understand what is wrong?

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Can you screenshot the whole screen? So I can see what is going on

The code:- The “${movieController.text}:” is basically the User Input

The API response:-

{id: cmpl-60576PpZVBEK6aYGqs3TyZYf1W70I, object: text_completion, created: 1665477676, model: text-davinci-002, choices: [{text:  👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌟🌟🌟⭐️⭐️, index: 0, logprobs: null, finish_reason: stop}], usage: {prompt_tokens: 12, completion_tokens: 31, total_tokens: 43}}

This is the API response

That text should be the Emoji, it works perfectly on Postman

Do you know any solution?

Alright, I’m assuming it’s the terminal window. It can only display certain characters. So you can output the text to a file, or put it on the screen. It’,s not your code. It’s the IDE / Terminal (I’m nosy, but is this a part of your portfolio? I can see the project name).

Yup, it is! and I solved the problem. It had to do something with the UTF-8 code and Charset. Still Thank you very much for responding.

That would expalin it!