Api does not support utf-8 encoding

Greetings to all,

I am currently working on a chatbot application in Flutter and I have encountered an issue with the encoding of the response received from the OpenAI API. Despite using HTTP requests, some characters, such as ‘é, à, où, …’, are being displayed incorrectly. I have attempted to resolve this issue by adding the ‘charset=UTF-8’ parameter in the API configuration, but the result remains the same.

Hi @darrelx

What to you mean precisely above?

Displayed where? On an HTML page? In the terminal?


For a French response, instead of “célébrité”, “répondre à”. I get “cà © lèbrèbres”, “rà © pondre Ô.
DIsplayed in my terminal, i’m using the last version of Powershell, i don’t think the terminal doest not support. And please excuse if my English or my words are not clear in advance.