API integration with Streamlit and Map

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to recreate the OpenAI Dev Day demo using Streamlit and GPT-4o.
I want to use Function Calls and Stream (token by token) but, I’m struggling to integrate a map and the following features :

  • Adding markers :round_pushpin:
  • Plotting a route between multiple GPS positions
  • Removing a GPS position
  • Updating and moving the map near a specific position

I’m still a beginner, so if you have any ideas, resources, or advice to help me, that would be awesome!

Thanks! :grimacing:

The way I would approach it is to
(1) Integrate a static map into streamlit
(2) Add markers through the app to the map
(3) Plot a route between markets

That way you know that the basic functionality of map operations works.
Then you can start with connecting GPT.

Also, I would recommend watching the presentation if you haven’t already: Building with OpenAI What’s Ahead on Vimeo