"API exceeded limit" even though usage is low

I’m currently using API in Power Automate Connector. And encountered the following error message (this was working 3 weeks ago):
“Looks like your flow’s operation is hitting an action limit designed to protect the connector service being called.”

Then tried testing in the openai playground and encountered this message:
"You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. "

I have a $30 limit and current usage is only $0.01 for this month.

I read about the Dec 2023 bug for similar issue and couldn’t find any action that I can take to resolve it. Appreciate suggestion to solve this.


Welcome to the forum.

Do you have credits in your account? That screenshot just shows the limit you set. You’ll want to look at rate limits guide and more… Make sure you have a credit card attached and credits…

Good luck!

Thank you!
You’re right. I didn’t set for auto recharge for the credit balance.

Problem solved!

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Good to hear. Hope you stick around. We’ve got a great dev community “garden” growing here. Lots of great posts to harvest! :wink: