API error 429 on paid account + response times

Limits according to KB after 48 hours are set to:

250,000 davinci tokens / minute (and proportionally more for smaller models)

We’ve been under pay-as-you-go for more a couple of weeks and we’re no where close to that limit however we are randomly receiving a 429 error:

error": { “message”: “The server had an error while processing your request. Sorry about that!”, “type”: “server_error”, “param”: null, “code”: null } } ]
Exception: {“ClassName”:“System.Net.WebException”,“Message”:“The remote server returned an error: (429) Too Many Requests.”

Just this morning the error was received after the 3rd request (each request contains around 1K tokens in total).

Also, we’re not based in the US, is there a way we can somehow upgrade our account and receive faster response times? Davinci takes an average of 10seconds and sometimes it exceeds 30 seconds to get a response.

Any ideas?

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I have the same issue. It seems we get stuck on the 60rpm and the next level is not triggering automatically after 48hrs

I’m.waiting to hear back from support

@raymonddavey have you ever received a response from support via chat? A few questions and 2 weeks+ later I got no reply

I guess OpenAI got too drunk on the success of ChatGPT or just doesn’t care about Playground anymore, because they really are blind to the problems especially with text-davinci-003.

OpenAI asks God if it can go to heaven? OpenAI develops ChatGPT, but when playground users say fix modules OpenAI answers nothing and pretends everything is OK, so OpenAI must not go to heaven!

I’m referring to API not Playground, which we’re using as a paid service.

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I’ve asked s few times and filled in the online request. No reply yet. Mind you, I only found the official online form a couple of days ago.

The other emails were sent a month or so ago

I wait with anticipation for the official channel response. The indicate it should be 5 to 7 days

:frowning: have the same issue as well. :frowning:

Hey guys,

Has anyone managed to fix this? I am getting error 429 on my prepaid account even though my credit limit is 120 USD and I have spent 0.64 USD.

I also tried contacting support but no response so far. In my case I sent an email over the weekend, so probably the workforce is smaller.