API Call to a specific customer-made GPT

I built some GPTs, and gave them a bunch of information, including some files upload (for example, with content for FAQ in a website).
Now, I want to do an API call to that specific GPT (for whatever reason - I want my employees to go to our website for the responses, and not go to the GPT store, so I can monitor usage).
Is there a way to do an API call to a specific GPT? have its model / ID and add it as an input in the API call?
FYI - I am not a developer and do not have coding experience (I am working off no-code / low-code bases, specifically here, using Webflow and Wized for the API calls).
Thanks in advance!

You can’t make an api call to GPT as it is not supported. Your best best is create an Assistant using Assistants api which has similar functionality as your GPT. You can use open-source projects like this which help you with a boilerplate to start with GitHub - SamurAIGPT/Open-Custom-GPT: Create Custom GPT and add/embed on your site using Assistants api . I have created this project, let me know if you need any help

I want to do a similar thing to OP, but I want to bring int 3 pre-configured/trained GPTs into an agency framework such as CrewAI for example to work within a sequence. I don’t know if I would be able to get the same results if i retrain them from scratch within another framework…
Are we saying this is not possible?