API Assitant documatio v2

How can we develop and use the Assistans API when the current version is v2 but but the documention is for the v1 ?

I have tried to code my app to access Assistants I developed in the Playground. I have tried to use ChatGTP 4o to write the code and debug it. But now it seems that OpenAI LLMs are not trained to use and write code or advise on how to use the API and does not seam to understand what the v2 interface is.

I have also defined my own GPTs at ChatGPT.
I have printed the API documentation as PDF files. Then, I uploaded these files to the GPTs.
I still do not get code advice that is working.
It seems that the documentation is written, so you need to have more skills than the AI to understand how the API interface works.

We have a saying, “The shoemaker’s children don’t have any shoes.” This seems to apply also here.