API 32k qustion - no waitlist

I wanted to send an application for GPT API 32K, unfortunately it is no longer possible. There is an information that at the moment they do not grant access to 32K. I need this Access to my project, They have given us an information that they are going to make it easier and now we can’t even ask for it by waitlist. What is going on here?

I believe there is a method to gain access if you have an eval that would take advantage of 32k, other than that there has never been a method of applying that I know of.

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Implementing evals in my project seems like a very complex issue. Isn’t there an easier way to access the 32k version?

Access is extremely limited by the compute requirements, if you have an interesting use case proposal you could try making a post about it here. However, as I mentioned, there are no waitlists or other application avenues currently.

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Our efforts are focused on providing users with the most relevant and engaging articles, which requires us to use even more advanced AI models to generate and improve content. Creating such models requires a lot of computing power and complexity, which the GPT-4 32K model offers.

The basic functionality we are working on is finding errors in our articles. We want to create a tool that will search for grammatical and substantive errors, as well as outdated information in older articles on our websites. I believe that such a tool will be great for improving the quality of information that we can find on the Internet. We want to start with our own portals, but we do not rule out making this tool available to other content creators.

What do you think about this idea? Any chance we can get access to the 32k version?

No one here will be able to answer this for you.

The only thing you can do is submit evals and see. That’s the process, there’s no shortcut or inside track.

Can you expand your thought, how to send evals?