AnyBarChart Released! *Open to Feedback and Critique * Please give it try

Hello everyone, I released my second application AnyBarChart. you can now build beautiful bar charts with simple natural language. Please free to give it a go. I am hoping to charge a $2.99 monthly subscription in the near future but for now its free.

Customization Features for bar charts

  1. Basic Bar Chart: You can create a basic bar chart by providing a query string that contains the data points for the chart.
  2. Custom Labels: You can specify custom labels for the chart’s bars to provide more meaningful information.
  3. Title: You can set a title for the chart to describe its purpose or context.
  4. X-Axis Label: You can label the X-axis to indicate the categories or data points being represented.
  5. Y-Axis Label: You can label the Y-axis to indicate the values or measurements.
  6. Multiple Categories: You can create bar charts with multiple categories, each with its set of data points.
  7. Custom Colors: You can choose custom colors for the bars to enhance the visual appeal of the chart.
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Congrats on the release!

I think it’s worth noting that the “advanced data analysis” tool, formerly known as code interpreter can already do this…

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I’m curious as to what led you to idea of charging money for this?


Thank you for the feedback! Code interpeter does not work with other plugins, so you cannot further generate presentations or get other insights. It’s also great for the user to have other styles, methods of input syntax for generating these charts.

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Always happy to help, those figures are just examples, you can generate figures with very different styling if you want :laughing:

It’s true that you can’t use use the advanced data analysis tool (code interpreter) with other plugins, but you can just copy-paste between the two, if necessary.

On top of that, the data analysis tool will also take up to 100mb of input and can dynamically write & run code to fulfill most of your requests.

Yeah but didn’t they say it was only going to be for business accounts. This will still be useful for people without business version of ChatGPT.

You can just paste csv data in excel sheets and make a chart, but OpenAI still made functionality for it. The only real benefit of the data analysis tool is the 100mb input. That is pretty powerful, but when you think about it, you can just pass webhooks and urls to the model. The model itself isn’t going to do manual data processing, the functions are and that is something you could easily facilitate with backend functionality.

Maybe so he can spend more time on it. I spend about 40 hours a week running my company, and another 20-30 hours experimenting with new products and ideas. At some point I have to see if the idea/service can stand on its own and fund itself or cut it loose.

I know a lot of people in this community don’t really understand business management or what it is like to run a company or scale a business/product. Which is fine, some people just really like making hobby projects. But some people have side projects they want to see thrive. Charging a fee is a great way to get it to the next tier of functionality. Hope that helps answer your question.

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Good rant! I rate it 7 out of 10 soapboxes.

time is a valuable resource and it’s essential to assess where it’s best spent. If an idea or service can become self-sustaining, it validates the effort and resources poured into it.

It’s wise to walk in the shoes of the users you’re designing for and peek at what competitors are doing, before diving into a project. It’s like testing the waters before a swim, ensuring your efforts hit the mark and don’t go to waste.

I asked an open ended questions, but let me rephrase it to your liking:

Would there be any additional benefits to opting for the plugin on top of the chatGPT plus subscription?

Thats probably the biggest problem/concern I’ve had. Im not sure how that is going to play out. If users dont like the idea, developers will stop making plugins and OpenAI will have to make all of the plugins themselves.

The other option is ChatGPT takes a google play, apple store, steam route and they just skim 30% from everyone and foster an ecosystem but drop the subscription. Its a proven model for software, not sure if it would work for plugins.

Lastly, there is always the option for people to create their own chatbot environments. The plugin registry is open to everyone. I know there are a couple of chatgpt clones already. For example, anthropic, bard, and any one of the bots with openai backends could tap into the existing plugins list and implement their own plugin usage model.

So, as for will people pay ontop? They were paying at peak hype but I predicted that would not be sustainable and I think we’re seeing that unfold now. But to be honest, it doesnt seem like anyone in this forum is interested in any form of monetization. Im not sure what people are expecting.

As for AnyBarCharts, I think hes taking the perfect route, build an MVP/MLP, get some feedback, tweak, charge. In fact, YCombinator routinely suggests that you should be charging as early as possible and as much as your user is willing to pay. Even if the state of your software is not ideal. Hence OpenAI launching with almost everything broken. Sam Altman actually said in an interview that they thought no one would use ChatGpt because of how broken they thought it was.

So yeah, I think he’s taking all the right steps, and his plugin is pretty slick. Im not going to buy a business version of GPT just for “data analysis tool”. This would be a good alternative.

It’s always hard to predict the future, but I believe this is the way things are heading:

I checked this:

Business account’s will get unlimited priority access, but the “Advanced Data Analysis” will still be available chatGPT plus subscribers, it’s just a bit confusing because it was previously named “code interpreter” :laughing:

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