Any way to get just the "major" available OpenAI models/engines?

I just implemented my code to get a list of the available OpenAI models/engines. To my surprise the result contained (at this time) a whopping 866 models!

I have some questions:

    1. Is there any way to get just a list of the what are considered the “major” models?
    1. I know that snapshots can proliferate like bunnies as OpenAI development continues, but are there any gems/jewels in the snapshots that have utility value above the “major” models?
    1. If you have fine tuned models or other snapshots that you created, associated with your account, will they show up in the list returned by the OpenAI API call or not?
    1. Does the get models call cost anything or is it free?

Hi Robert,

I have the same issue. Did you get a response from somewhere or what did you finally do? Did you just filter for the “openai” models?