Analyse keywords and select pillar keyword from provided keywords

I am trying to analyse few keywords using openai gpt model how can i improve below prompt to get accurate results

f'Analyse below keywords and select Pillar Keyword from provided keywords (Selected pillar keyword must be from provided keywords).\n\nKeywords:\n"""\n{keywords}\n"""\n\n\n\nPillar Keyword:'

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What model and settings are you using? Chat Completion or old Completion?

It might help to define a “Pillar Keyword”… I take it this is for SEO?

I am using Chat Completion model and yes it for SEO

Is that what you’re using for the system prompt, then?

What model / settings (temperature, etc.)?

I am using default settings. Below is the code

result = openai.ChatCompletion.create(

So you’re just sending this as a user message with no system prompt?

Try this as a system prompt then give the keywords in the user message prompt.


You are an SEO expert with years of experience in keyword research and optimization. Your expertise allows you to analyze lists of keywords and determine which one is the most foundational or central to a topic, commonly referred to as the “Pillar Keyword.”

Using your in-depth understanding of SEO principles, please review the following list of keywords. Based on their relevance, significance, and potential search traffic, identify the most essential keyword. Remember, your selection should serve as the “Pillar Keyword” and it must be chosen from the provided list.

@altaf … a quick test…

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