An API to use for course demonstration purposes


I’m looking for a simple API I can use to demonstrate actions in a course I’m creating.

I’m looking for something pretty simple to use but that has interesting functionality to demonstrate.

I tried using a weather API and I also tried to use the Amadeus trip-booking API but those are way too complicated to set up for a mid-level demonstration (primarily because of the need to use an authentication token which was pretty hard to implement correctly).

The last time I did it, I ended up doing a demo with the Gutenberg API but I find it’s not … well, complicated enough to do an interesting demo. Ideally, I’m looking for something that is free to use, doesn’t require an authentication token, and for which I don’t need to create a scenario to use. (I mention but that can be replaced by any middleware).

Like I said, the Gutenberg API fits the bill but I couldn’t come up with interesting uses that demonstrated what the GPT action did beyond what using the web browsing tool could do (though the web browser wasn’t doing the job right…).




Do you have an API to recommend? Ideally

Here’s a list of free/open APIs

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Very nicfe, thanks! The github link seems to have closed but the other links are OK.