Am I the only one who can't subscribe to chatgpt plus?

Hi everyone!
After some time with chatgpt 4 and the subscription on chatgpt plus, I decided to cancel the subscription for a while. 3 months later I decide to re-subscribe but to my surprise, open AI does not let me re-subscribe to the plus plan. Does this happen to anyone else? It is very frustrating…

I hit the subscribe button but it does nothing. I have tried with all possible web browsers and the same thing happens to me… cache, cookies, nothing. Any idea?
Thank you!


Facing exactly the same issue. When I click on “Renew Plus” or on “GPT-4”, nothing happens…

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Hello Exact same problem here. For an unknow reason my subscription got canceled, and now the button to upgrad is not working. Nothing happing when I click on it.

I am also unable to upgrade to the plus plan; when I click on the button, nothing happens!