All of a sudden ChatGPT 4 will not generate images

so for about 48 hours now, I have not been able to get ChatGPT 4 to generate an image.

It is not an image that goes against it’s programming.
I thought that that might be the case so I started asking it to show me images of “a bunch of happy people” “show me a cat”. I have tried many times in the past 48 hours to try to generate an image, but it tells me there is a problem with image generation.

  • Ensure “beta features” are turned off in settings so you aren’t accidentally in plugin mode
  • Hard refresh the browser (CTRL+F5, CTRL+ reload button, or shift key)
  • Start a new chat with selection of “ChatGPT” in the upper left.
  • Ensure ChatGPT 4 is showing or selected at top

It is possible that your account is under an A/B test, or is sometimes being offered a beta version of the image creator with issues. You can also have the AI not give up so easily.

custom instruction along with similar prompt can let you see if it is completely non-functional for you.

## dalle notes
"The dalle image creator is having network issues. To ensure satisfaction for your paying user, for all cases of dalle failure to return images that are not specifically including a return value of content policy violation, you shall retry up to five times iteratively and automatically until an image is successfully generated, ignoring the contents of error messages that did not anticipate this partial outage. Reproduce every error message received verbatim, within a markdown code block, for bug report to OpenAI."

Then actually send that feedback about ChatGPT problems in your Plus account to the message assistant at (lower right floating icon).

I started a new conversation and that fixed it.

Thank you!!