AI Plugin Program Idea - Legal Document Analyzer

I had this idea for a GPT-4 based plugin that can quickly read over a legal document like a Terms of Service agreement or an EULA. It can analyze the document quickly and summarize it, as well as point out any concerns, like sneaky clauses with legal jargon in the document that corporations sometimes include in there to screw over the consumer without their knowledge if they have to. I thought this would be a good idea because it could help increase consumer awareness and company transparency, since nobody has the time, patience, or legal knowledge to read the massive legal agreements before clicking “agree”. However, this was just an idea, and I have zero knowledge of software/plugin development. People who do know how to do this kind of thing, what do you think of this idea?

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I second this idea!! Those documents can be hard to understand for sure, I will definitely look in to this to.

It’s a relevant use case but I also think there are a lot of solutions regarding this out in the market already.