AI PDF ChatBOT with GPT4 + Document Highlighting

We’ve harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way you interact with your digital documents.

No, we weren’t the first but our advanced AI algorithms enable you to have natural dialogue with your PDFs, select GPT 3.5 or GPT4, and we also highlight where in the document the responses are being pulled from.

Ready to experience a new era of document intelligence? Join us on this exciting journey with ThreeSigma.AI - Would love to hear your feedback.

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Welcome @Drewski

What are you thoughts about latest advances in context length?

Just a note - you may have to create more sock puppet accounts on the forum to bump your thread to compete with the other one. Ahem.

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I think in the near future these tools will be able to do so much more. This product will only be getting better from here.

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Couple points to consider.

Maxing out the GPT-4 32k is 2$ a pop at current pricing. Hopefully that goes down but if we look at the history of OpenAi’s models that will take a couple years. Not even factoring in the general difficulty of scaling compute right now.

Secondly the biggest flaw with with LLM’s is their tendency to hallucinate. For them to be usable on anything other than toy applications, we need to be easily able to check how the model came to it’s answer. I think ThreeSigma does better than anyone.

But honestly higher limits are incredibly exciting because it opens up countless use cases that aren’t currently practical.

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