AI chatbot with low-code / no-code assistants capabilities

Hi community,

I’ve just created the ability to invoke “functions” from our embeddable website AI chatbot, and I’m looking for feedback and suggestions for use cases.

Basically, I can integrate any API rapidly into our AI chatbot using our AI Hyperlambda workflow feature, allowing me to declaratively create function extensions, that the AI chatbot is executing. See a couple of examples below to understand.

I would love to get feedback, in addition to suggestions for use cases. I realise this is one of those “core features” that are simply too low level for most potential clients to understand the ramifications of, so I believe if I build more use cases as examples it might trigger some more creative juices in potential clients.

You can try it out here if you want to play with it (click the button in the bottom/right corner of the page).