AI Book Summarization with ChatGPT

Hi, I’m doing a website and I need a tool to summarize an entire book. If anyone knows how to do it, I would be very grateful if you would share it with us.

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Are they well known books? It’s quite possible that GPT has already “read” them. Just ask for a summary!

If they’re not well known books, there are a couple of approaches. My go-to for long texts is a rolling report, and creating a summary from that. It’s also possible that a summary of chapters, and then a summary of summaries would suffice.

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thank you for your welcome!!
No, what I’m looking for is to make a tool that allows me to upload the pdf and give me a summary. I have been trying to do it through Python with the open ai API but I have not been able to do it.
I was wondering if anyone has done it so that the community and I can benefit?

where have you gotten stuck?

There’s multiple levels of sophistication, depending on your budget, and complexity of the work you’re handling

  1. summary of summaries with gpt-3.5
graph TD
    C1[Chapter 1] --> S1[Summary of Chapter 1 with GPT-3.5]
    C2[Chapter 2] --> S2[Summary of Chapter 2 with GPT-3.5]
    C3[Chapter 3] --> S3[Summary of Chapter 3 with GPT-3.5]
    C4[Chapter 4] --> S4[Summary of Chapter 4 with GPT-3.5]
    C5[Chapter 5] --> S5[Summary of Chapter 5 with GPT-3.5]
    S1 --> SS[Summary of Summaries with GPT-3.4 or GPT-4]
    S2 --> SS
    S3 --> SS
    S4 --> SS
    S5 --> SS

    SS --> O[Output]
  1. rolling summary with gpt-3.5
graph TD
    C1[Chapter 1] --> S1[Summary of Chapter 1 with GPT-3.5]
    S1 --> RS2[Rolling Summary of Chapter 2 with GPT-3.5]

    C2[Chapter 2] --> RS2
    RS2 --> RS3[Rolling Summary of Chapter 3 with GPT-3.5]

    C3[Chapter 3] --> RS3
    RS3 --> RS4[Rolling Summary of Chapter 4 with GPT-3.5]

    C4[Chapter 4] --> RS4
    RS4 --> RS5[Rolling Summary of Chapter 5 with GPT-3.5]

    C5[Chapter 5] --> RS5
    RS5 --> O[Output]
  1. whole book summary with gpt-4

  2. Synopses With Context

graph TD
    P1[Paragraph 1 + context] --> E1[Embedding P1]
    E1 --> VDB[Vectordb]

    P2[Paragraph 2 + context] --> PA2[Paragraph 2 abstract]
    PA2 --> E2[Embedding P2]
    E2 --> VDB

    P3[Paragraph 3 + context] --> PA3[Paragraph 3 abstract]
    PA3 --> E3[Embedding P3]
    E3 --> VDB

    PN[Paragraph n + context] --> PAN[Paragraph n abstract]
    PAN --> EN[Embedding Pn]
    EN --> VDB

    C1[Chapter 1] --> CS1[Chapter 1 Synopsis]

    C2[Chapter 2] --> ES2[Embedding search ch 2]
    VDB --> ES2
    ES2 --> PAO[Paragraph o..p Abstracts] --> CSC2[Chapter 2 Synopsis with Context]
    C2 --> CSC2

    C3[Chapter 3] --> ES3[Embedding search ch 3]
    VDB --> ES3
    ES3 --> PAO3[Paragraph o..p Abstracts] --> CSC3[Chapter 3 Synopsis with Context]
    C3 --> CSC3

    C4[Chapter 4] --> ES4[Embedding search ch 4]
    VDB --> ES4
    ES4 --> PAO4[Paragraph o..p Abstracts] --> CSC4[Chapter 4 Synopsis with Context]
    C4 --> CSC4

    C5[Chapter 5] --> ES5[Embedding search ch 5]
     VDB --> ES5
    ES5 --> PAO5[Paragraph o..p Abstracts] --> CSC5[Chapter 5 Synopsis with Context]
    C5 --> CSC5

    CS1 --> SOS[Synopsis of Synopses]
    CSC2 --> SOS
    CSC3 --> SOS
    CSC4 --> SOS
    CSC5 --> SOS

    SOS --> O[Output]

    VDB --> P2
   VDB --> P3

Edit: the first box is Chapter 1, if it’s cut off for you too.


Some months ago I created a beta version of such a tool that automatically creates summaries of longer books/reports (focused on the specific domain I am working in). It essentially uses a hybrid of 1 and 2, i.e. for shorter chapters it creates a summary in one go while for longer chapters it applies the rolling summary approach, whereby a chapter is sub-divided into multiple parts. The latter helps to mitigate model attention loss for longer chapters even if they technically fit into the context window.


I would be very grateful if you would share it with all of us, I find what you have done very interesting and I think we can all benefit from your program

This idea is super cool. It’s a shame these tools weren’t around back in my uni days. Not everything I had to read in uni was my cup of tea, and honestly, I could’ve used that time for something way more useful)

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The power of obedience by David ibiyeomie

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