Best open AI for abstractive Summarization task

I have customer service care notes and I want to summarize them using the abstractive summarization model. Please suggest the best model available for this task

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Any of the models will probably work pretty well for this task.

You should run some tests, compare the results, and make your choice based on the quality of the results and your budget.

This isn’t a task most LLMs are benchmarking these days, so it’s tough to make a blind recommendation for a model for you to use.


I asked ChatGPT to construct a system message for an Abstractive Summarizer to which I made very minimal modifications.

gpt-3.5-turbo does pretty well at this task.

also when using the real text of the article,

GPT-4 is a little wordier.

I am sure if you spent any amount of time refining the system message you could get a result which is close to perfect with either model.

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