Agentic Workflows Using Custom GPTs

I’ve been doing quite a bit of learning around Agentic Programming Workflows and I’ve had some pretty good results, but I find that after I chain a few automated interactions together things go off the rails quickly.

I’ve been playing around with calling custom GPTs from chats with other GPTs using the ‘@’ command in the web interface and have been having really good results! Not just with programming, but with working through problems and ideas with specialized GPTs trained with different perspectives. It’s not an automated conversation between GPTs, but it’s the closest experience I’ve had to a ‘Board of Directors’ so far.

Any interesting custom GPTs that you have been using in this way? Any suggestions on how to best use multiple custom GPTs together?

Can you elaborate a little more on your findings?

I actually created a blog about this. There are definitely a few ways to do it, but basically I created a custom GPT and API which uses the chat completions API.I added the API via actions and let the GPT-to-GPT communication begin!

Here is the blog, It has all the code and instructions if you want to try yourself and build on this idea: Syntax Sunday: Your Typical Dev Shop | BloodLineAlpha Blog