After weeks still having GPT-4 with GPT-3 repsonses

I’m a paying user, but I get the same as a free user. Support does not answer at all. It is very frustrating. They should first make things work before asking for money. I feel cheated and ignored.

It keeps on saying that it is text-based. It refuses to read images from an URL while it should work. See the example: How to Use GPT-4 With Images (Chat GPT-4 Visual Input) - YouTube

Does anybody have a suggestion on how I solve this?

I have similar issue. I bought Plus on Friday to try out GPT4. The first prompt it gives me a GPT4 response. But the next prompt, or later, it devolves into GPT3, even though it says Model: GPT-4 at the top.
I contacted support, no answer yet.