After paying 2 months of GPT4, the subscription suddenly auto-cancelled and ChatGPT asks me to pay again

The site that OpeinAI suggest for helping doesnt actually help, they don’t address this specific problem I’m having so I prefer asking actual people in real time.

  1. Yes, I have enough money in my card.
  2. No, i did not cancel myself either the subscription or card.
  3. I wasnt charged when I should’ve been 2 days ago
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How about:

  1. The card didn’t expire;
  2. The card isn’t some sketchy prepayment or virtual card, or unreliable foreign bank card (possibly now disqualified), but is a standard Visa/MC drawn from a major bank.

expires in 3 years, card is visa and I pay many other services with it: spotify, amazon prime, adobe cloud and even midjourney, it’s where i get my payroll

Well, when you don’t have plus any more, and also don’t see the new charge coming, I suppose you can subscribe again unless the system then denies your card or something is really messed up needing employee support.

@justalex same thing happened to me except everything disappeared. When I refreshed, everything was there, and then refreshed again and all gone and “free version”. It would appear to be a bug.

Also, Not sure if you saw error message, but when I ended up here on this link just now (right before typing this message)… there was a message that ChatGPT is down.

I suspect everything back to normal in a few hours.

hey OP, i’m in the same boat. Woke up this morning & my history is gone. Shouldn’t be a payment cycle thing for me bc I renew in the middle of the month. Must be related to new “Enterprise tier” roll-out. Definitely horse-sh** though. What are we paying for? Timed access to a product. When we don’t get that time & can’t access the product…? simply unacceptable.

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fyi, it does look like this issue is registering:

ChatGPT web & mobile UIs unavailable (OpenAI Status)

Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue.
Aug 29, 2023 - 07:04 PDT

OpenAI status feed:

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Same issue here after months without a hitch. Chat history vanished, subscription vanished.

they are still recovering the interface, gradually
I had the same issue with registration and chat history too

Then logout and log back in…and see if “account vanished”

Mine too. Have been using for 6 months. Happened once before, got it back after a day or so. This time, all my chats are gone.

What is happening? My IP (which is a comcast one) is banned. I have not done anything. OpenAI’s engineering team really sucks.

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lol they had to revert from the August 28 version to August 3 version.

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