Advanced Data Analytics Intended Image Context?

So, in the past month or two, I’ve been noticing something which I myself find truly amazing as it’s extremely helpful in many front-end coding situations, where explaining the exact positioning of some element which you’re doing with the assistance of the model is getting quite difficult, I’ve been able to upload images to the Codepilot plugin for the GPT-4 model, and with the correct prompt, I’ve been able to get it to actually visualize the image and understand what the problem is. Now, I ain’t entirely sure yet whether it’s hallucinating that it’s doing it, because the description of the image is extremely accurate.

Here’s my most recent example of it supposedly doing it →

Now, admittedly, it didn’t find a solution to the issue in this chat, and what I usually do when it starts to circle around the same things is just open a new one and continue from there, which works quite well.

Can it really visualize, read and understand images with the coding plugin? If yes, was this intended functionality?

Here’s a screenshot for those that would prefer to skip quite a lot of coding chatter →

Here’s the image itself →

And here is with a different prompt →