Advanced AI algorithms to forecast energy prices, production and market trends

Greetings to all AI devs…

My name is Florin, and we are embarking on a project, POB (Power Over Blockchain), aiming to leverage AI in understanding the dynamics of renewable energy markets to predict energy prices, and beyond that. What would be the most effective methodologies and algorithms for this type of predictive analysis, especially considering the integration of diverse data sources like weather conditions and energy production metadata into our model?

Has OpenAI such models to integrate in our business ? Our goal is to enable the AI model to process and analyze complex data from various energy sources, such as solar parks, wind farms, thermal power plants, hidro and energy storage systems.

We started this project more as a joke, as the whole team working in the energy sector, and gradually we began to understand how important such a project can be.

Can somebody give me some guidelines ?

Thanks a lot.


I am also in the energy/climate change sector. No, you do not have such thing as an OpenAI’s LLM model applied to such uses.

You would have to taylor the LLM to your use cases. It is an extremely poweful tool, but you have to build around it. How? There are some ways: RAG is probably an initial step. Finetuning migh be another one. But, as far as I am concerned you have many good speciliazed econometric and forecast models that would have to be integrated to do what you want.

My opinion would be that OpenAI might help you tremendously in categorizing and understanding your data, but is certainly NOT the only tool you need.

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Thank you for the update. We’re delving into RAG and related topics, and to be candid, our expertise in machine learning isn’t extensive. We’ve discovered APIs for meteorological data, PPA market data, and more. Our challenge now is to figure out how to aggregate and process this data effectively. The goal is for the model to understand how solar energy is generated under various conditions, and to apply the same learning to wind turbines and hydroelectric systems. The model should also master price optimization by leveraging storage capabilities and beyond.

It’s complex, yet there’s an inherent beauty in it.

Nice initiative. I would like to follow you project. Let me know if you intend to let the finds public somewhere.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed, and I apologize in advance if I’m breaking any rules. Please delete this message if it’s not in accordance with the rules.

I would appreciate any help with this project, and there’s room for anyone on the team. Financially, our capabilities now are limited; we’re looking for some sponsorships. We’re just employees with big dreams at the moment. :slight_smile:

Sufficient details about the project can be found on goggle. Just search for : poweroverblockchain