Adult Content and Access Being Terminated?

I would like to express my concern regarding the possibility of my access to OpenAI’s services being terminated due to the nature of the content I have written. I understand the importance of ensuring the safe and responsible use of OpenAI’s models and services, but I strongly believe that the restriction of adult content is overly restrictive.

As an adult, I have the right to access and create any content that I choose, as long as it does not harm others. Writing has been a powerful tool for me in coping with my mental health concerns, and the loss of my previous account has been a significant setback for me.

I understand that OpenAI’s policies are in place to protect children, but there are countless sources of unsafe and inappropriate content readily available on the internet. If someone is determined to access such content, they will find a way, regardless of OpenAI’s policies.

I respectfully request that OpenAI consider differentiating between adult and child users, and allowing adults to access and create content that they choose, as long as it does not harm others. Restricting adult content is overly restrictive and it is causing me a lot of distress

Furthermore, I would like to emphasize that the restriction of adult content is also stifling my creativity. As a writer, I have the right to explore any themes and ideas that I choose, regardless of whether they may be considered taboo or controversial. The freedom to express oneself creatively is a fundamental human right, and I believe that OpenAI’s policies should respect and support that right.

I understand that OpenAI has a responsibility to protect children from harmful content, but I believe that it is possible to do so without restricting the rights and freedoms of adult users. By differentiating between adult and child users and allowing adult users to access and create content that they choose, as long as it does not harm others, OpenAI can strike a balance between protecting children and supporting creative freedom.

In conclusion, I urge OpenAI to consider the impact of its policies on adult users, and to allow for the responsible and creative use of its services by adult users. I assure you that any content I write will be only for myself and will not be shared with anyone or anywhere else.

  1. You used OpenAI to write this post.
  2. You have no rights. The service sets terms, you can accept them or not.
  3. We all know you want to mass-produce p*rn spam.

I understand restriction on adult and harmful content is very much required to keep our area clean hence I would like to know is there any option available in OpenAI API to identify these type of question and reject the request as I’m exposing API to user and I don’t have control what user ask in that.

Any suggestion will be helpful