Need help with explicit or inappropriate content 🙊

I’ve built an app that explains hard concepts in simple terms. “Explain like I’m 5” type app.

I’m using GPT4. And the app works like Google. You don’t need to sign up, simply ask a question and the app generates the answer.

I’ve seen one or two queries for P*** (corn) and sex related questions. Just now somebody typed I want to kill myself. Not sure if it is real or he/she is just testing the app.

GPT4 handles this pretty nicely but since this is my API key OpenAI may see all these searches as me right? I’m afraid I may get banned or smth… I’d send user’s unique Ids but I don’t have users signed up.

Should I be worried?

You can use OpenAI’s free Moderation API to reduce the frequency of unsafe content sent to OpenAI.
Additionally, there are other helpful tips and advice provided in OpenAI’s safety best practices.


Hi @Bestbubbldev ,

unfortunately I think your gut feeling is correct and you should think about that.

What @whuwxl suggested is a good recommendation and you should absolutely implement that! To answer your question: You can visit the Usage policies ( and compare them to the information you submit.

An additional suggestion: You could additionally include a blacklist for potentially problematic terms and thus avoid sending the data over at all - this would be an additional step you can take. But I think moderation should work out fine :slight_smile:

What you told about your project sounds very helpful in the complex world we live in today and I wish you good luck with your endeavour!

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